Author Guideline


  1. The article has not yet published on other media and does not contain plagiarism element. The article should be enclosed with author writing consent.
  2. The article could be written in English approximately 15 pages including bibliography and table. The article should be written with computer on A4 size paper with top and left margins 4 centimeters; and right bottom margins 3 centimeters. The font in used should be Time New Roman size 12. The space should be at 1.5. The title should be written in Indonesian maximum 15 words and in English maximum 13 words (title sample could be seen on journal template).
  3. The article has to enclose the author/s name. Multiple authors name order should be agreed by the first, second, and so forth author. The order is usually base on the author’s contribution and all authors are responsible to the article content.   
  4. The article has to enclose the author mail address: the author’s university or institution mail and email address. The author address should be written in 12 size font Times New Roman without bold and italic.
  5. The article has to enclose with ABSTRACT in English language. The maximum words for ABSTRACT and ABSTRAK are 200 (two hundreds) in essay form consists of program purpose, method, and result. It should be enclosed with keywords (3 to 5 words). 
  6.  The ABSTRACT (English language) a
  7. CONCLUSION consists of the discussion foundation short explanation. It should also mention recommendation included in conclusion. It means recommendation does not stand-alone
  8. BIBLIOGRAPHY may come various sources: books, documents, theses, dissertations, newspaper, journal, and internet. Basically the Journal bibliography is advisable to use management applications, for example bibliography with Mendeley,  Zetero, and Endnote  with APA Style 

    (a)  The author has to quote Ketanahan Nasional Journal citation with minimum 3 quotations/ required citations.

    (b)  The bibliography has to be written alphabetically in one space and without number.

    (c)  The bibliographies written in the bibliography list are the ones used as references and quoted in the article. In other word, the quotation in the article should be written in the bibliography, and vice versa.

    (d) Whereas the bibliography was written by multiple authors, the written author’s name is the last name, followed by first name and middle name (if exist). Then, it is followed by publishing year, book title, Publishing location, and publisher name.

    (e) Whereas the bibliography was written by more than two authors, the first author’s name should be written according to point (c) followed by the second author and so forth. The second and so forth author’s name should be reversed as the first author.

    (f)  The bibliography should not use et al. to replace the second author and so forth.

    (g)  The bibliography writing is different with one another depending on the cited bibliographical type. The author’s name, publishing location, and publisher’s name are not in italic. The italic written words are: (1) book or document’s title (for book and document); (2) thesis word, dissertation word, newspaper name, journal’s name, website address; whereas thesis title, dissertation title, newspaper article title, internet article title should be written ordinary and put between quotation mark (Bibliography author sample could be seen on journal template).

  9. Template can be downloaded in this link here